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Guarantor Loans | Pulse Loan - Home

Welcome to PulseLoan!

If you ever struggled getting a loan because of poor or insufficient credit history, you’ve come to the right place! Here at PulseLoan, we can help you obtain a loan for any purpose, no matter what your credit situation is. There’s no collateral involved, just a guarantor! Simply fill out our online form and get your FREE quote instantly!

What We Do?

PulseLoan compares guarantor loan deals across numerous providers in the UK such as First Choice Finance. We have partnered with the country’s top lenders to ensure that you won’t just be given any loan, but a loan that is right for your needs and a loan that you can afford.

We understand how having bad or zero credit can affect all of your loan applications, and we know how frustrating it feels on your part. Here at PulseLoan, we cater specifically to borrowers with inferior credit who could not otherwise get a traditional loan from other sources. Whatever you need the money for, we aim to help you attend to these needs immediately by bringing you in touch with the most competitive guarantor loan deals in the market.

What is a Guarantor Loan?

A guarantor loan is simply a loan that is backed up by a co-signer. For someone who has bad credit, the only possible means to get a loan is through providing a collateral, getting a high interest loan, or asking for a guarantor’s help. Obviously, the latter is the safest and cheapest option.

A guarantor loan is not entirely a new concept, and back in the old days, guarantors were there to help people with no credit history yet obtain credit, utility service, and even a place to live. Way before credit scoring depended on computers alone, these institutions trusted guarantors more than just relying on the borrower’s three-digit score.

These days, this concept is revived. PulseLoan, together with all the top guarantor lenders in the market, believe that your family and friends can know you better than any computer could. And if they trust you enough to guarantee for your loan, we believe that you should be trusted and given a chance as well.

If you want to know more, please visit YourMoney for a quick guide to guarantor loans.

Who is it For?

Anyone can benefit from a guarantor loan, particularly those borrowers who need cash immediately but couldn’t qualify for any other loan because of poor credit. We consider these loans as one of the safest and simplest alternatives to traditional lending, because there’s no collateral required and the interest rates are quite competitive. Furthermore, the loan amounts and repayment terms are far more flexible than any other loans for bad credit.

If you are the guarantor, you can also see some amazing results. Obviously, helping out a friend or family member who is in dire need can be a very rewarding experience, even if you don’t have the cash to lend them yourself. By becoming their guarantor, you are also giving them the opportunity to either repair damaged credit or start building their credit from scratch. It’s like giving them proper training to become financially responsible in handling their repayments.

Why Choose PulseLoan?

Totally FREE Comparison Service

Here at PulseLoan, we are committed to giving you absolutely FREE comparison service. Unlike other sites who promise the same thing, we take pride in actually giving you real results, that are free from any tricks or hidden charges. When using our service, you can rest assured that what you see is what you get.

Access to Hundreds of Deals

With the booming number of people in need of bad credit loans, there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of loan packages in the market that are aimed towards borrowers like you, and it could be tiresome to choose one that will meet your needs perfectly. PulseLoan brings you in touch with a wide range of deals, not to further your confusion, but to give you options that you wouldn’t be able to find by yourself or by using any other comparison service out there. At the same time, we assure that these deals are the best of their kind, and we will never waste your time leading you to one that cannot get you accepted.

Lowest Rates Anywhere

PulseLoan strives to help you save time and money at the same time. Through our strong partnerships with the country’s leading companies, we can get you exclusive offers and cheapest packages that are not offered through any other website.

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For more info on guarantor loans interest rates, click here.

Topnotch Customer Support

At PulseLoan, customer satisfaction tops our priority list, and we aim to attend to your needs in the quickest and friendliest manner. Our dedicated customer support team is led by the most competent specialists in the industry, who are keen to answering any concerns you may have.

Sign Up for Your FREE Quote Today!

It only takes a few seconds to fill out our online application form, and we will scour the web for the best guarantor loan deals out there. Just fill in the required details to order your FREE quote today!